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CrossStitcher Mag June 2017CrossStitcher – June 2017 (318)

Were heading to the beach for a spring break this issue our gorgeous harbour scene on the cover wont fail to inspire you. Bright and breezy, the colours and atmosphere of the coast have been captured perfectly in cross stitch.

adventure cards and world map

Weve more to explore inside the issue with adventure cards for those off on their travels, plus a gorgeous world map that weve displayed in a suitcase as a sweet way to keep your travel mementos safe.

Citrus coasters

Our free gift this month comes in two mouthwatering designs - weve a pair of citrus coasters to stitch - both a lime and an orange, so you can make a splash with your summer drinks this year. Everything you need to make them comes with the kit.

Tennis poster

Plus, dont miss our ace retro tennis poster, cute animal book bands, fun fruity motif set and much, much more.